Shades of the Force

Entry of the Gladiators

PCs: Valen, Valo, Liessa, Kerzak, Sabine, Kaya

The group brings their new C70 Charger to Ord Mantell, after bidding goodbye for now to Master Tanaka. Tarvik Turbo and his eclectic circus companions meet with the characters in the ship’s salon pod conference room, where Tarvik reveals their true purpose: The Rebel Alliance wishes to establish a permanent base within the Dulfilvan Sector, and the PCs have been assigned the task of choosing its location and overseeing its construction. Tarvik’s circus provides a travelling cover story: with odd characters, strange cargoes, and constant travel, a circus is the perfect way to covertly scope out locations for the base. Valen and Tarvik come to an agreement on the use of the C70 (and a little help from the Drakkar as well) and decide that the first potential location for a base will be Tantamir. Valo decides to come along, as he wishes to visit Tantamir again.

Upon arrival at Tantamir, the characters attempt to hail the Rebel-held turbolaser emplacement on the surface, but receive no reply, nor do they receive anything more than a preprogrammed, old reply from what is left of the starport. When they land, they are met by a group of armed Sempi, who inform them that while they may set up and conduct their circus, there are a few rules to follow:

- No non-Sempi allowed in Galatis (their city.) - They may not see Thekher, as he has been sentenced for fraternization with humanity and heresy. - Warlord Bakla is now the supreme ruler of Tantamir. - The characters may not buy any trade goods for export, though they may conduct entertainment if they wish.

None of this goes over very well with either side, but there are no hostilities. Valen uses an old Imperial cargo boat to take the group down the river, towards the turbolaser emplacement, while Tarvik Turbo and the circus stay to watch over their ships and set up their equipment. The characters find no sign of the Rebel soldiers at the turbolaser, only Sempi soldiers, and are refused any entry. The Sempi here make only one offer: We want to see Bruce Talathien, as he has something we want and need. Bruce is not present, so this offer fails.

The characters visit and question a Sempi farm, and learn that the Sempi are also suffering considerably under the export embargo and Bakla’s strict, protective rule, and some Sempi that resisted the Galactic Empire are now resisting Bakla in turn. Valen calls the ships and has Lou, the Shistaven “wolfman” sword swallower, come down the river with another boat, bringing these Sempi a case of supplies. They then decide to seize the turbolaser battery.

Lou sniffs out (literally) the Sempi laying in wait for them, and the group avoids an ambush and conducts one of their own, defeating the Sempi attackers armed with submachine guns and spears. They then manage to force entry into the gun tower, fighting a close quarters battle with the Sempi inside. Valo climbs around in an elevator shaft, which is appropriate for a McClaine. Capturing the firing chamber, Kerzak ruins the targeting computer worse than attempting to install Windows Vista, rendering the gun unusable except by 1) Kerzak or his passcode or 2) someone who can roll a 32 slicing check. And Kaya made everyone go first.

What happens next?...



Entry of the Gladiators

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