Shades of the Force

Hoth and Lilith

November 10, 2008

Our band of PCs was asked to help with an emergency at Echo Base; their friend, Lt. Alec, had not come back or called in from his mission to place sensor masts in the frozen snowfields outside. Valen, Kaya, Wrrl, and G9 set out to investigate, riding on tauntauns. Valen demonstrated natural skill at tauntaun riding (his tauntaun is named Rodeo), while the others did not do quite so well, and mostly just tried to get their tauntauns to follow Valen’s. (Good tauntaun. Nice tauntaun.)

They managed to track down Alec via sensor handhelds, but it took some time. The others held up against the cold fairly well, but Kaya (especially being from a hot planet) began to suffer early stages of hypothermia. The purple Twilek made several entirely accurate remarks about the ambient temperature, and her opinion of it. They found Alec on top of a large, rocky outcropping, with a large wampa beast attempting to climb the rocks and reach him. It had already killed Alec’s tauntaun, and wounded Alec’s arm, injuring him and destroying his wrist comlink. He used his blaster carbine to keep it from climbing up to him, but was almost out of ammo.

Valen laid down in the snow, aimed his rifle, and shot the wampa in the back of the head. Unforunately, this only angered the (very strong) wampa, and it turned its attention to these new attackers. Wrrl fired an explosive quarrel from his bowcaster into the rocks, causing many of them to fall down onto the wampa, temporarily pinning it down in the snow.

Wrrl ran down the snowy slope and began climbing up the rocks with his Wookiee claws, to help Alec. At that time, the second wampa appeared, bursting out of the snow where it had lain in wait, attacking and wounding Kaya with a heavy claw blow, and knocking her down the snowy hill. The first wampa burst out of the fallen rock and attempted to charge Kaya, who had landed near it and now smelled of blood, but Wrrl jumped off the rocks, landed on the wampa’s back, grabbed its head and tusks, and snapped its neck with a mighty twist. Epic win.

Meanwhile, the second wampa now decided to eat G9 and Valen, who disagreed by shooting it repeatedly in the head, chest, and groin. It managed to knock down Valen and wound his leg, but the PCs eventually defeated it via the combat team manuever of shooting it with blaster rifles and stabbing it with a vibrosword multiple times. The group managed to make it back to base, now with multiple injured or cold-sick members, and spent a little time in the medical bay.

Wrrl mounted a hyperdrive on Bruce’s new starfighter, with a little assistance from R2-D2 and C-3PO. He only had a few “bonus parts” left over.

After conferring with Command and formulating a plan, the group got permission to take Lt. Alec with them, leaving Hoth and flying to Ord Mantell. Meeting with Greda the Hutt, they obtained permission to follow a large transport belonging to Greda, headed to Coruscant. Once there, they would “shadow” the transport, matching its speed and direction and remaining so close to it that they would not show up as a seperate ship on Coruscant’s detection sensors. Valen managed to perform the very difficult piloting required to do this, which was a good thing, given that the alternative was Golan III Defense Platforms, six Imperial Star Destroyers, one Super Star Destroyer, multiple support ships, and several hundred TIE fighters.

Making it down to the super-urban surface of Coruscant, the group landed and took refuge with Valen’s family company, Centauro Shipping, hiding the Drakkar in one of the company bays and visiting Valen’s mother, Lilith, in the family home at Tau Delta apartment supercomplex. The area seemed to have gotten more run down, despite being near a large industrial complex (Anvil Corridor.) Local criminal and gang activity seemed to be increased, and the group had at least one run in, but no blows were struck as the PCs prefered to intimidate and talk their way out of a fight (which is always easier when you have a very large Wookiee along.)

Lilith was joyful to see her son again, and the group rapidly learned that she cannot be easily conned, fooled, or otherwise lied to, qualities that have allowed her to remain in business after the loss of her husband. Her apartments are comfortable and well decorated with the mementos of galactic travel with a shipping company. She still retains her love of ruby jewelry, open top airspeeders, and technological comforts. The group did learn, however, that recently Centauro has faced difficulties, both from growing local criminal activity, and two aggressive offers from Czerka Corporation to purchase the company, which Lilith has declined. Valen also learned that his old friend, now a Star Destroyer captain, has deflected Imperial authorities from harassing or questioning his mother.

The group sets off to travel towards the Jedi Temple as night falls across Coruscant, relying on Alec’s knowledge of its layout and his escape from it on the night of its destruction, to help them get inside. What will happen next?



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