Shades of the Force

Rescuing Valo

March 30, 2009

The A5 Juggernaut is a burning mess in the desert. Tysroc, and all but a handful of survivors, are dead. Some of them, including Tysroc himself, were thrown into the huge steel wheels and crushed horribly in unnecessary fountains of blood. PCs grappling and battling on top of a speeding war machine is a pretty cool image. Plenty of close calls and dangerous attempts that required lots of character point spending. Everyone contributed:

Bruce got the Drakkar into hyperspace in a single round from a dead calculation start, avoiding the merciless barrage from the unknown capital ship. Then, he kept the enemy swoops from blasting the group’s car, and made it look awesome. He also clung to the underside of a Juggernaut and stabbed his lightsaber into its drive shaft, and then swung away on a rope when it exploded and managed to not die, especially since he was the one in front of it as it kept going while on fire. Bruce needs new pants.

Liessa was the one key character who actually knew where Valo had gone. Without her ability, it would have been too late and too hard to find them, and none of the rest would have been possible. Plus, she has local knowledge superior to any, for the next steps should the party take them.

Wrrl climbed over and on the Juggernaut, often near horribly dangerous machinery, battled Trandoshans with cyberfists and blades, and continued to exemplify the holy smite of Bacca. And he wore his hat while doing so.

Valen is the Rocketeer. Improved Bull Rushing a dude on a swoop bike with a jet pack is a good example. Not to mention throwing bombs, shooting enemies, and ultimately (accidentally) blowing up the Juggernaut, and then bravely going to try and get Valo out anyway, as it exploded.

G9 disrupted an entire hospital and forced a complete rescheduling of the surgery lists, and did so with nothing more than a smile, a few pointed statements, and a set of fetishwear. Plus she can snipe pilots right off their swoop bikes. Not to mention impressing Greda the Hutt with her newest business plan, and being put in charge of a significant piece of his resources. Oh, and ‘helping Bruce heal.’ She Aided Another with a ‘police uniform’ and a disturbing lack of human anatomical limits.

Kaya also impressed the Hutt, and the Squibbs with her knowledge of their cultures, plus she firmly demonstrated that she is not a weenie by being able to run faster than anyone else, jump and climb up a synthrope along a rolling, metal cliff face with angry dudes inside, then shooting enemies and running to save Valo no matter how many explosions there are.

And, of course, Valo successfully ripped out of 7D strength bindings. Protein shakes, bitch.



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