Shades of the Force

Together Again

Bruce, Wrrl, Kaya, Kerzak, and Sabine return to Ord Mantell, where they reunite with Jeanine and Liessa. Information and introductions are exchanged, and Kerzak receives an invitation for work smuggling weapons for Duros resisting the Galactic Empire.

Unfortunately for the GM, the characters do not take the invitation at face value, and conduct some investigation, suspicious that a third party would be attempting arms smuggling on Ord Mantell, without going through Greda the Hutt. After some inquiry by Liessa, they determine that the invitation is likely bogus. Greda demands that the characters investigate, and, if they are rival smugglers, to put a stop to it.

The characters visit the specified location, which turns out to be a downtown parking garage in Worlport. Kerzak gets alone and ahead of the rest of the characters, and walks directly into their planned “hit” on him. He is surprised and shot multiple times, and only survives after the expenditure of over a dozen character points. The battle gets worse when Golan, the Mytarenor enforcer and Mantellian savrip, wades in, throwing cars and punches with equal power.

The characters eventually prevail, with Liessa crashing a speeder into Golan, and Jeanine taking Fluffy, her blaster minigun, from its duffel bag and unleashing a violent outburst in the form of blaster gas. Golan is killed, and Kerzak rescued.

Later, Jeanine receives a visit from Krylln, the Kricktorian free-trader she assisted. Krylln gives Jeanine a job lead; his cousin, who works in Tarvik Turbo’s Galactic Circus, says that the circus may need new transportation for a tour in the Dulfilvan sector. Upon meeting with Tarvik Turbo (and Lou the Shistaven wolfman) the group agrees to bring their C70 Charger capital ship for him to see, and head for the Shiritoku Spur and the Nagato system to retrieve it, taking along a CSA battle droid crew that Jeanine obtained.

The characters find the village of Matsua, on Nagato, a much more cheerful place since their last visit, and participate in their sea-harvest festival. They visit Master Tanaka, and cook a meal for him, asking him several questions about their research. Master Tanaka is pleased to have them, but disappointed that Bruce did not come along. The characters make plans to travel, with the assistance of the villagers, to where their capital ship is stored.



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