Shades of the Force

Trouble on Filve

Bruce, Wrrl, Sabine, and Kerzak travel to the planet Filve, seeking a buyer for their cargo of Gamorrean gold bars. Taking a sky-rail trip to another of the Filvian arcology towers, they are ambushed and attacked by Durge, who is making another attempt upon their bounties.

Durge and his muscle cause significant damage to the party with a combination of jet packs and high powered weaponry. The battle ends when Bruce jumps from the sky-rail bridge and onto Durge, slashing off his arm with his lightsaber and causing them to suffer a 150-story fall. Bruce survives, using the Force to slow his descent. Durge survives the impact, and is able to escape from Bruce, despite his injury, over the sandy, desert wasteland they have fallen into.

The group successfully finds a buyer for their gold, and purchases the last equipment needed to restore the Drakkar to full functionality. They return to Ord Mantell, in order to sell a captured blaster artillery piece to Greda the Hutt.



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