Shades of the Force


April 6, 2009

The other characters joined Liessa at a Worlport nightclub, in an old, converted munitions warehouse. Liessa was already there, and had been offered ten thousand credits to abduct a particular raver/dancer girl there, Pixie, and bring her to a nearby subway station, alive. The offer was made by a heavily cloaked individual, keeping to himself in a bar booth, accompanied by a four meter tall, huge Mantellian savrip, called ‘Golan’, wearing a suit of armor made out of speeder hoods and scrap steel.

The group met someone Liessa already knew, a gregarious, red skinned Devaronian named Dominic, who appeared to be the most popular drug dealer in the area, and who happily shared drinks and flirtation with Kaya. Valen spoke to the dark-cloaked figure, and was offered ten thousand credits to bring Dominic, alive, to a nearby subway station. Valen said he would think about it. The characters conferred with each other and with one of Greda’s nearby enforcers, a Codru-Ji woman with four vibroblades.

Kaya spoke to the unknown being in the cloak, and recognized him as Zalas, a Kel Dor underboss for the Mytarenor Slavers Guild. She got away from him rather quickly, and managed to hide her startled reaction. Liessa noticed that Pixie had left quickly, and left the club, trying to find her. Dominic, tipped off that something was wrong, also left quickly. Liessa was unable to find Pixie, who had apparently gone into hiding. She did manage to get Dominic to meet her at the subway station in question, where she stunned him from behind and handed him over to Zalas, Golan, and his armed thugs, who refused to pay her any money as they had made no deal for Dominic. They took Dominic away. Liessa then went to the store Pixie works at, but did not find her there, and the store closed. Liessa broke in, robbed the store of the credits on the premises, and left.

Meanwhile, Wrrl replaced one of the Drakkar’s shield generators, and later purchased another one from the Squibbs (after some haggling and not-understood language exchanges) and installed that one too.

The group borrowed a vehicle from Greda, and went back out into the desert to investigate where the Juggernaut had been going. After travelling all day, they saw a ship fly over them as darkness fell. They took a good look at it, and Valen stopped the speeder. The ship then came back, having pinpointed the vehicle, and destroyed it with a strafing run. Fortunately, the other characters had gotten out and moved away, as there was then no time to take evasive action. The ship then flew away.

The group was now stuck on foot in the desert. After walking another full day in the direction the ship had gone, Kaya was able to use her skills from Ryloth to find a small cave to shelter in. Wrrl was forced to drain some saline solution from some of his medpacs in order to provide drinking water to the group, who did not have any appreciable amount. Liessa and Wrrl climbed a rocky bluff and spotted a small base camp nearby, where the ship had landed. Valen also attempted to climb up, but fell several times and then injured himself. Wrrl treated his injury.

The group, needing water and or a vehicle to get out of the desert in, decided to attack the camp at night, and after the ship had flown away. Valen shot and destroyed the camp’s communications equipment at long range, keeping them from recalling the ship, and he and Wrrl ran towards the camp and its energy fence from one direction, while Kaya and Liessa approached stealthily from another. Valen and especially Wrrl took a lot of fire as they crossed the flat killzone around the camp on foot, forcing Valen to instead use his jet pack to cross the rest of the distance immediately. Wrrl took many hits as he could not follow, but survived albeit with many stuns.

Liessa jumped entirely over the energy fence, with a Force assisted push from Kaya. She went about sneaking into the camp’s buildings and looking for a killswitch to the fence power. Kaya soon followed, using her particle rifle to blow up one of the fence’s large steel pylons, and then powerfully using the Force to wrench another of them entirely out of the rock and throw it aside, shorting out a fence section. Bruce should be very proud of his pupil for achieving a 25 telekinesis roll.

Valen blew another section of fence open with a set of bombs made from land mines and detonite explosive. He and Wrrl battled all of the guards, with blaster fire and a particularly strong grenade hit from Valen, taking out multiple targets, while Wrrl, now furious, flew into a Wookiee rage and charged into the remaining enemies with a graphic result akin to running over a series of Barbie dolls and ketchup bottles with a lawnmower.

The group captured the camp, and fled in the vehicles they found there, a truck, two landspeeders, and a speeder bike. They also took with them some captured fuel, equipment, and other miscellenary, as well as a quad laser cannon (anti air) that they found on a wheeled towing trailer. They also found a footlocker belonging to Tysroc, which contained some money, Wookiee scalps, and a datapad, all of which they took. They used the quad laser cannon to shoot the camp’s buildings and fixtures into pieces, and then fled back to Worlport.

They gave Greda all of the vehicles and equipment, except the quad laser, as recompense for his speeder that they had gotten destroyed. He gave them each a monetary reward, and reviewed the data on the datapad, which seemed to anger him. The data indicated that Tysroc and his mercenaries had been hired by Nulla the Hutt, and, in addition, Nulla and the Mytarenor Slavers Guild seem to have signed an alliance to act on mutual goals. There was also information indicating that, for some reason, this alliance wants to do everything it can to discourage the open spice trade. Some third party, not indicated, wants all of the spice for itself. Other spice dealers and pushers are to be shut down. This third party is apparently paying very well indeed for Nulla and the Mytarenor to accomplish this, especially since it is known that normally Nulla would fully participate in the open spice/drug trade.

The quad laser was placed with the Drakkar, with the intent to remove its existing laser cannon and replace it with this better one, after some retrofitting work.



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