Old jedi who fell to the dark side, is back in a grayish area and is trying to make up for his failings in life


A.I.B. – Alliance Intelligence Bureau

Agent: Gelan Hostis

Subject: Jurik Meruled

  • The following is what history we could find on the possible former Jedi known as Jurik Meruled. Most of this information come from old confederacy records. The records are incomplete, but this includes the most complete information available. Jurik appears to have been an early recruit to the Confederacy. His master was killed at the battle of Genosis and that soon after he was a prominent fixture at back room meetings in The Works. He is known to have strongly believed in the independence of all systems from the Old Republic. All nations should govern themselves, and he felt the corruption at the end of the Old Republic was hurting more systems than it helped. He wanted to end this abuse, and was noted as being particularly fanatical about it. In the works he was able to meet up with Count Dooku, who helped him to finish his training. he strongly favored the martial lightsaber discipline, and was soon teaching others in his group. He was also noted as being difficult to sneak up on. It is believed that he showed a particular talent for the sensing abilities of the force. However he is noted to have lacked control, and would often lose himself in saber practice. It is not long after this mention that we find an transfer order for him to go to Murkhana. Murkhana was where the Confederacy centered much of its propaganda machine, the Shadowfeeds. These were apparently Jurik’s first assignment with the group. He excelled in this task, and was able to keep the feed’s HQ hidden from the Republic police forces. He did this by practicing decentralization and selected murders. This kept the police from ever finding enough information, and kept people too afraid to tell on them. This is also when Jurik started to carry a red saber, indicating that he liekly had become a member of the Sith. The heat started to build and Jurik was once again transferred, this time to Drukenwell to work on Operation Starset. Here he was put in charge of a production facility that was building assassin droids. Their function and ability dramatically increased once he came on board and he was given a commendation by the confederacy for his effort. A number of smaller senators were killed before a contingent of Jedi arrived to put a stop to the program. Jurik narrowly escaped and two of the Jedi were slain in the process. The record goes quiet for about 8 months, however there are a number of suspicious maimings and deaths that are believed to be his work. He surfaces again in a report on Operation Blue Rain. There is little information surviving on this program as most was destroyed when it was shut down. What we do know is that it was based on the worlds of Atraken and Quilura and it involved chemical weapons. This was in direct violation to the rules of war, likely the reason for the destruction of any records. At the end of the program he worked on other projects, including GreenBloom which was a biological weapons program that was targeted at the clone troopers. This was a major failure for him, as a mass inoculation to the troopers rendered the work completely ineffective. He was demoted and tried very hard to regain favor after this. He often volunteered for dangerous missions, but was never able to find the same favor he once held. Towards the end of the war we start to see a dwindling faith in the Confederate cause. One of his unit mates had kept a diary, and notes that Jurik “no longer believes that we will win this fight, and has been talking of leaving. I have tried to talk him out of this, knowing he could be put to death for even mentioning it, but I think he just doesn’t care anymore. He doesn’t seem to think that we are fighting for the system independence that we signed up to do. If he doesn’t start keeping quiet he will get into a lot of trouble, and getting raving drunk every night is not going to help. Still he isn’t the only one that has been talking this way, and most of us have been considering moving to the outer rim for a while.” This excerpt shows how bad morale had gotten for the confederacy at the end of the war. We believe it is possible the Emperor used this as a cue that it was time to execute Order 66, knowing that the confederacy was weak enough he could defeat them without help from Republic Jedi. This would allow him to end the war and secure his position of power. unfortunately this is also the end of the confederate records we found on the person known as Jurik. From this record we conclude that Jurik is trained in the ways of the Force, but that his loyalties remain unknown. He was at one time a Sith, but appears to have abandoned that path when it started to fail him. Most people do not just walk away from the Dark Side though, so it is likely that he still carries the some of this influence with him. We recommend extreme caution, if he has retained any of his skill he could be a very dangerous opponent.
    • * * Addendum * * *

      Further information has been discovered by hacking the Imperial network. While looking for other information we have come across other information held by the Empire on the person known as Jurik. Imperial records also include the Jedi temple records that they confiscated when they took control of the temple. While it does not include the location of his birth is not recorded (per Jedi custom) we do have records of him being admitted to the academy. He was an average student, but had some discipline problems. He was noted for aptitude with the saber, but was often held out of practice for aggression issues. He was also noted as being too stubborn, but this was balanced by a compassion for the lower classes which he claimed to be from. This combined with an aptitude for the sensing elements did finally land him a master to train under, just before he was sent to the Ag Corps. Master J. Carbonas took Jurik under his wing and started to train him as a knight. He did well, and was given a commendation for helping resolve a potentially violent confrontation on Quilura before lives were lost. His name was on the list for consideration to take the final tests, but before he could his master was killed at Genosis. Without his master Jurik appears to have been lost, and had trouble finding a replacement. He started disappearing for days at a time and when he was around he was talking about how there was no light side or darks side to the force. This concerned some of the masters and they set another young Jedi, named Anya, to watch him and see if he was falling to the Dark side. Anya was able to report that Jurik was meeting with other younger disgruntled people in a part of Corsucant known as “The Works”. This run down industrial area was a place that many early confederate sympathizers met. Anya continued to follow Jurik for several weeks reporting how he was becoming more and more active in the group. After about two months of this Anya stopped reporting back and Jurik no longer appeared at the temple. She was found a week later, dead in a sewer, mostly eaten. It appeared she had been murdered, and still had distinct saber wounds. Jurik was labeled an enemy of the Republic. From here most of the information seems to correlate to the above record from the Confederacy. There are a few notes from after the war. He seems to have dropped off the radar, but still surfaced from time to time. Mostly he was picked up for public intoxication, and was released shortly afterwards. Usually the station in question would treat him like any homeless bum, until he was released, it was always after this that they found he was wanted by the republic. He is noted as recently working for the rebellion, serving as a crew member on the freighter “Drakkar”. He has aged badly and now has to walk with a cane if security vids are to be believed. He has also been seen drinking heavily, and may have developed a dependency. Also he rarely uses a force ability. The Empire has him listed as a minor force user – of interest but not a priority when other more powerful Jedi are still free. Based on this new information we still believe he should be approached with caution. We would revise his ability level downwards, but he is still dangerous and of unknown loyalties. However his dependency on alcohol could be exploited if need be. This should be kept in mind when dealing with him.


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