Kaya Ven

A sneaky purple Twi'lek Jedi in training who is anti-slavery, pro-stripper and who almost always makes the party go first.


Kaya is a short, curvy purple Twi’lek with amazingly flexible head tails and absolutely no body hair. She wears a lot of black leather and has been known to make off with your sandwich. Her favorite color is blue, and she is a holdout blaster specialist. Occasionally, she succeeds epically when using the Force and crushes pylons with her mind, but don’t expect her to TK a vibroaxe. She meditates naked.


Kaya, or Kay’aven, was sold into slavery at the age of seven. Most people would find this experience fairly traumatizing, but it’s so typical on Ryloth that it barely made Kaya blink an eye. Still, she found slavery to be extremely offensive and degrading, and has dedicated her life to the ruination of slavers and the eradication of slavery. She doesn’t expect to actually accomplish this, but she is happy to die trying.

Kaya Ven

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